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Hey Guys Watch This is the New Yorker’s first album of new original material since 2010.

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Cultural Olympiad 2010: Vancouver indie-rockers fashion shoot

Vancouver music Jody Glenham

How often does a sweater make you want to yell "Show me your elk!" Not often enough. Jody Glenham photo by Jessica Bardosh.

Vancouver fashion: Mia Moth, Jody Glenham and Strange Magic in Roots Olympics wear

– photos by Jessica Bardosh/text by Michael Kissinger

Vancouver music Mia Moth

Alan and Kara from Vancouver band Mia Moth. Jessica Bardosh photo.

Two people, one spirit, many rocks between them. He looks glum because he doesn’t have woven wildlife on his boobs.

Vancouver music photos Jody Glenham

Jody Glenham models a Cowichan Nov 2009, Vancouver. Jessica Bardosh photo

Notice how the model is looking backwards into the distance like she’s on some sort of urban vision quest. Incidentally, I think I have an Urban Vision Quest CD from 1995 called Electric Badger.

Vancouver music photos Strange Magic

Ray and Kayoko of Strange Magic Nov 2009, Vancouver. Jessica Bardosh photo

Although her lips say she’s not interested in his two tickets to see Belarus vs. Latvia in the first round of the men’s hockey tournament, her eyes say, “The waffle lining of your parka intrigues me.”

Vancouver music photos Mia Moth

Allan and Kara of Mia Moth Vancouver, Nov 2009. Jessica Bardosh photo for

Oh to be the furry meat in an Olympic sandwich. No, that’s not cilantro you’re detecting, it’s the savoury taste of victory.

Vancouver bands Mia Moth

Allan and Kara from Mia Moth Nov 2009. Jessica Bardosh photo

Do you like the teamwork involved in the two-man luge but not the spandex or the lying down on each other’s junk part? So do Allan and Kara, shown here practicing for the Speculative Real Estate Investment event. It’s like I’m staring into the soul of Whistler.

Guttersnipe would like to gratefully acknowledge the help and support of photography assistant Kiera Dimoff, makeup artist Livia Metcalf, videographer Romila Berryman, and Darren Roberts and Melissa Goveas of Karyo-Edelman.

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