Kelly Joe Phelps left a legacy of blues in a voice like ‘Kentucky bourbon on a rocky creekbed’

The death of Kelly Joe Phelps, one of “the most appreciated under-appreciated artists in history,” has left a mark on fans and friends.

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Message from Istvan to U2

Istvan versus U2 part one

Is Istvan. Is remember is ?????? U2 album Zooropa Istvan joining fans club for the U2 big time see Bonyo and the ???? playing guitar, remind Istvan say to Mrs. Istvan is even better guitar that Dmitry Chetvergov. Mrs Istvan screaming no no no Istvan! We laughing, then arrest for Istvan but okay.

Istvan have Bonyo red Visa cardinski and pay big time for glorious freedom like in Bonyo homeland of ????????. Now Istvan mjst pay Bonyo Visa cardinski over 170,000 dollars.

How this happen Istvan is asking? Every peeoples is wonder for Istvan. Drivingk taxi make Istvan wealthy man but no! Is Istvan story of U2 come to Vancouver. Istvan go see but ticket too expensives.

Maybe Istvan buy with Bonyo red Visa cardinski but no! Is not possible

Istvan. I am Istvan.

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