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Land of Talk at the Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg

Land of Talk at the Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg

Land of Talk at the Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg, July 1 2009. Duncan McNairnay photo.

Review – Land of Talk at the Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg, July 1 2009

– text by Eugene Osudar

Land of Talk
came out drums
a blazing beating us
into dance trance,mission
first five songs
like brilliant sunshine
sight blinding
on oak floor
in an empty room
(oh John K Samson)

how can i see you?
oh, Mohawk Lodge

(i’m listening to the brilliant
Wildfires CD
by Mohawk Lodge as i write this)

Kenny Werner Quintet
there are gears and more gears
to every solo
there are depths
and layers
and intricacies
and delicacies
and power
until you’re sitting
in the middle of it
being devastated
my hour of it,
it was more but
i had a date with Land of Talk
and Boats

gears gears gears

there are so few gears
for Jean-Christophe
there is explosion
there is blaring
there is caring
passionately so

but finding the layers
finding the cake
to sweeten
the palette
for the bitter
for the sour
for the power

finding the layers
finding the gears

shifting thought
s randomly speaking
in tongue
slippery divide
Clint Eastwood
choose a side,
I choose Beauty!
and the Beast
on the free stage
Saturday and Sunday
to dance
the divisions away,

the right and the left
the black and the white
the shades in between
where are the colors?
the rainbows?
the light
in the darkness
that prevailed,

Kenny Werner
has no taste
for the human(ity)
that America went
for so long
the lost Bush years
and before
Bill Clinton’s hot air
and pretty smile
(so little substance)
(so much pretense)

Obama holds
the promise
in his generous heart
to fulfill or not to?
is America ready to let go
and open?
itself to the beauty
of the world.

Kenny Werner on piano
Randy Brecker on trumpet
David Sanchez on sax
Scott Colley on bass
Antonio Sanchez on drums

(these are players
gorgeous and tasty
textures and layers
patiently, never hasty)

4 songs in an hour,

Kenny Werner’s CD,
The Lawnchair Society is
a commentary on Lost America
not paying attention
to the greed and evil sweeping
its collective

its collective soul

a curable cancer
beautiful answer
beautiful dancer

the songs:

New Amsterdam
13th day
Uncovered Heart
Inaugural Balls (dedicated to The Cushy Bushies)

a packed WECC house.

were brilliant during
an afternoon set
at Music Trader
O Happy Canada

i danced the entire set away

and later at The Pyramid,
there was a key difference

Luke’s cymbals
weren’t miked
this is typical Pyramid

Boats are,
Boats are Fun
Matt’s face nearly blows up
so red
and his helium
your brain wonders how?
when you see him
talk to him

and the music
is dance
is Fellini!
it is Fellini
romping around
the chaotic streets
of Rome
night and day
colliding cymbals
and mini-skirts
hot-tease hotties
and cool boys
dragging cigarettes
that fall into laps
of extreme panic

(Luke’s cigarette
fell into his lap just before
the gig!)

(and that’s very Felliniesque!
cuz you can’t look cool
when you’re suddenly afraid
of setting
on fire)

Boats music depends on those cymbals
to ignite the fire of the dance
it’s the gasoline

TV Scientist
Scenic Gorges
Summer Camp Versus The Fake Mustache Tree
Bird Week
Dream Of a Dentist
New Contestants
Pistols and Panflutes

40 minutes.

there’s a fire
works display
on the Pyramid’s
stage as snare
sticks rage
through the first
waves of pop
jewels all the cools
and birth
of a baby
first time auntie
oh happy Canada
land of talk
and sounds
to the heart
of indie rock
shatters the peace
into the light
gripping your soul
rock n roll
from the heart,

i’m the first dancing
and joining
the edgers
falling off the ledgers,
we’re diving
into the abyss
butterfly kiss,
oh darling,

give me back my heart attack!
some are lakes!
got a call!
summer special!
yuppy flu!

sea foam
death by fire
all my
it’s okay
young bridge

it’s a tale of two
sets in the one

because after the first five songs
the delays begin,
the changing guitars
(stay the one)
the endless tuning
(rock n roll rarely is
in tune)
a false start
(it’s performance
that shatters)
a grinding
stop to the momentum

the songs are wonderful
don’t misunderstand
but there’s no flow

until the encore again,
recaptured purity

happy canada day.

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