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Jenny Agutter

Jenny Agutter poolside photo

Tribute – Jenny Agutter

In a conversation with author Justin Cronin (The Passage) a few weeks back, the 1976 science fiction movie Logan’s Run came up. More importantly, the name of the actress who played Jessica, Logan’s love interest, sent both Cronin and interviewer into a mental tailspin back to our adolescence. As Cronin said, that movie, and the actress in particular, practically brought on the onset of puberty for him.

The actress’s name: Jenny Agutter.

jenny Agutter in Logan's Run.

Agutter went on to star in a number of other movies including An American Werewolf in London (1981) and Equus (1977). Prior to Logan’s Run, her American breakthrough, she had already appeared in numerous movies and TV series.

But it was that ’70s sci-fi movie that really struck a chord with a generation of males.

“They are very fast glass bubbles” – Jenny Agutter interviewed for Canadian TV about Logan’s Run:

The British actress, who was born in 1952, is still alive and well, and recently visited a school in Cornwall to give acting tips to students before their Shakespeare festival (here’s a tip: show your bum!).

Jenny Agutter promo pic from Logan’s Run.

Jenny Agutter promo pic from Logan's Run.

Jenny Agutter promo pic from Logan’s Run.

Jenny Agutter with Michael York in a publicity photo for Logan's Run (1976).

Jenny Agutter with Michael York in a publicity photo for Logan’s Run (1976).

Jenny Agutter photo


8 responses to “Jenny Agutter

  1. 10 years ago  

    I remember the first time I saw Logan’s Run and immediately had a crush on Jenny Agutter, she was totally sensual…and even today she’s a fine looking woman.

  2. 9 years ago  

    As Jnnny’s webmaster, I can assure you she is still absolutely gorgeous!

    Pity your images aren’t showing.

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  5. 8 years ago  

    Logans Run became a cult classic in America. I adored Jenny from that moment on. I was blown away a few weeks ago when I found Logans Run on DVD, I bought it with Jenny in mind. I’m always transported back in time when I watch that movie. Very glad to hear she’s doing well.

  6. 6 years ago  

    I saw Logan’s Run in 1977 at a theater in Germany at an air Base while stationed there at that time. All of us would go back for second or third showing of the movie just to see Jenny Agutter. I, of course have purchased the Logan’s Run cd to add to my classic collection.

  7. 6 years ago  

    Good story John. If I remember correctly, I saw it in the summer of 1977 in Winnipeg. Love the pre-Star Wars ’70s SF!

  8. 3 years ago  

    Her acting talent is really just great, and I can see how she would do well on stage as well as on screen (big or small). Her hazel (to my view) eyes are haunting and that pert, upturned nose is distinctively cute. I recently watched Nicolas Roeg’s “Walkabout” where she played a teenager with her younger brother lost in the Australian Outback and she was amazing even at that age. It’s been a while since I watched “Logan’s Run” but I did enjoy it back in the day. I moved to Fort Worth and I’ve seen the Water Gardens where some of the scenes were filmed (and I believe some were at Dallas’ Galleria Mall if memory serves). Nice tribute.

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