Art Bergmann hits back hard on new track featuring MC5’s Wayne Kramer

Art Bergmann’s new song Christo Fascists features the MC5’s Wayne Kramer. The track is from his upcoming album Late Stage Empire Dementia.

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Olympics Report # 6 – Alexisonfire LiveCity Vancouver Incident

According to several Tweets, Toronto rock back Alexisonfire cancelled its LiveCity Yaletown appearance after the barrier in front of the stage was toppled. The cancellation resulted in an angry crowd, “trampling” and multiple ambulances appearing on the scene.

23:37 @bobmackin: 19 people injured at Vancouver Olympic live site when barrier collapsed. Concert cancelled. More evidence $900M security well spent.

22:44 AndreaWoo: Witnesses: We were 10 secs into first song. Everyone went crazy and pushed forward. Huge fence bent and toppled

22: 40 @Eyesno: Of course I am disappointed the show was cancelled but glad (most) got out safely. Trampling reports are exaggerated though.

22:34 @erin_ireland: david lam park evacuation update: crowd rushed the stage for alexisisonfire and knocked over fences.

22:31 @erin_ireland: david lam park in yaletown has been evacuated.

22:25 @Eyesno Yaletown flooded with angry mall rats – beware. Alexisonfire forced to call off the show when the pit trashed the barrier.

22:25 @Reena_K Hope the tweeted reports of a potential fatality at the LiveCity Yaletown site aren’t true. Going to bed worried. #van2010

There’s good news too, though – a “random street hockey game” has broken out on Granville Street at the time (22:29 PST) of this writing (photo posted on Twitpic by br_webb):

Street hockey game Feb 16 2010 Granville Street Vancouver. Photo by br_webb

Street hockey game Feb 16 2010 Granville Street Vancouver. Photo by br_webb

And here’s an article about the Norwegian men’s curling team’s pants, an overnight sensation if ever there was one.

Norwegian men's curling pants. Photo - Lyle Stafford

Norwegian men's curling pants. Photo - Lyle Stafford

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3 responses to “Olympics Report # 6 – Alexisonfire LiveCity Vancouver Incident

  1. 11 years ago  

    Those are indeed the shit. It almost makes me want to watch curling.

  2. 11 years ago  

    I was there. it was messy. yeah, about 30 seconds in, the band stopped playing, and told the whole crowd to take a few steps back. They were trying to get stuff sorted for 15 minutes, then they told us that they had to postpone the show. Needless to say, much of Vancouver was unhappy and the streets of Yaletown were flooded with people.

  3. 11 years ago  

    I was on second row. It got pretty messy – the barrier just broke and everyone in the first 5 rows got absolutely crushed. There wasn’t too much trampling but no one at the back realized what had happened so everyone kepy pushing forward. The guy right next to me had bones sticking outta his leg and it was hard to breathe, nevermind cry for help with 7000 people standing on you.

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