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Review – Ridley Bent at the Times Change(d), Jan 24 2009

what a times changed
saturday night that was,
a ridley bent night of dance/
of happen(ed)stance

i’m talking to
before the show

“this will be the hottest
show of the year,” says he.

eyes a PoPPinG, says me, “i’m
ready to dance/for the hottest
show of the year.”

“this time we rehearsed.
whenever i play here, i have great
musicians playing with me, but we
don’t have a chance to practice,”
explains he.

“alright. this will be the hottest,”
says me.

you see, ridley has moved
to winnipeg
into this (kiss) brrrrrrutal winter
leaving soggy vancouver
for a bril/li/ant/ly shining love,
o my cold blue sky dream
of an amazing day winnipeg,
her name is molly.

and yeah/
from the first notes
i was on the floor,
the only place i could be

right in front
on the small
dance floor

so over(ly)sold/
i told earl to save spots
and i bought spots
for dancing friends,
guizy and michelle
and shayna

and the earl of
times changed says,
“shayna loves me.”

and susan
joined me\
on those fir/
st thir/st(y)

and there we (are)
to the blam!
to the rap/country/

oh dam(ned)

part way through the second
comes off stage
whispers in my ear,
“when you dance so close
to the stage
the mike smacks me in the teeth
(quickly he adds)
i don’t mind you dancing.”

so i switch places with susan
but the bouncing mike
because there are so many
musicians on stage
the mike stand is positioned
on the ric/ke/ty
wooden dance floor

the chrisssssssss’s
dunn and carmichael
trading sizzling leads
damon mitchell
leaning back
hammering skins (and)
o harmonizing nathan
keri latimer

it’s the dancing
it’s the mayhem
it’s the passion

after the show,
ridley says,
“it didn’t matter, it was
the dance the floor, i just backed
away. i like to eat the mike
cuz i can’t hear myself
through the monitors.”

2 sets and 2 and half hours
dancing sweating soaking

and i’m all ridley bent out of shape
oh my replacements!

sunday night/
flying fox
and the hunter
played punk rock
sundays at the cavern

guizy says, “they’re spunky.”
says me, “they’re quirky.”
leif, the autistic (grade two)
student i work with, says, with his
voice all perky,
‘tempo is the speed of the beat.”
the speed of their beat varies
they’re jazzy
and snazzy in suits and
and young and fresh
tango romantico
a dash of calexico
of 30s and 40s
trumpet and trombone
mutes on the toots
oh nurse! and what’s this,
a song called molly
(oh ridley bent!)
on their tasty
five song cd.

i’m hungry for more.

and a michael jackson
song for the encore
now that’s hard/core!

oh my darling!
at le garage
in what was
a garage
red wine walls
ceilings tall
and i danced
because that’s
what i do

and jessee havey
writes to me
“we musicians NEED dancers.”

and i need you
you beautiful musicians
oh my darling!
oh jessee havey
oh duhks
oh afterbeat
oh novillero
(it is The Art of Carrying On!)
oh magnificent 7s
because a year ago
my 12 year marriage
and i began my
dance with
life again
my celebration of
life again

thursday, cash grab at hooligans
i’ll be dancing

buddy holly tribute
at the park on friday
mag 7s and farrell brothers

after, at the zoo,
the ripperz
the most amazing local band
they have a hardcore of dearest
50 passionate friends
who sing all their lyrics
as they play
and the dance is joyous!

the perps at the times.
for cd release friday and
saturday, 7 and 11 pm shows.

saturday/i know of a party
where the wind ups
are playing
in a loft
and also,
boats are at the lo
another local fave
ricardo and louis

dear dear musicians!
always there
to bend me out of
and mend me
back into

thank you.

-eugene osudar, winnipeg, jan. 29 09

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