Noname at the Commodore Ballroom

March 12 2019. Pavel Boiko photos.

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Liz & K8 Best Advice – sperm hand!

Kate Reid and Liz Stanton screengrab for The Snipe advice videos.

Liz & K8 Best Advice – Sperm hand

Episode 2 of the weirdo advice show from Vancouver. In this instalment, Liz and K8 discuss smelly dicks, Dance Mix ’94 and how to tell if your internet gf is fat—hint: check her font size!

“It’s not bad advice if we think it’s true.”


One response to “Liz & K8 Best Advice – sperm hand!

  1. 10 years ago  

    You girls are cute! Sperm hand – hilarious! Now, I actually have some advice for you! Well, not really advice but an interesting fact. Those lines on your neck you mentioned…are caused by a restriction of your fascia or myofascial tissue (connective tissues in your body). Gravity is usually the culprit that makes this tissue get stuck – resulting in those weird lines. FASCINATING I’m sure!! If you like, you can get rid of them my going for a (brace yourself) myo fascial release. its not dirty like it sounds. Its like a massage that lifts. I get my forehead wrinkles worked out at this place: http://www.splurgebodyworks.com/index.html I’d also recommend an ionic cleanse, it would make an interesting (albeit yucky) video for the blog. 😀

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