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The Gaslight Anthem at Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg

Gaslight Anthem at the Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg Sept 6 2010. Stephanie Willer photo

Gaslight Anthem at the Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg Sept 6 2010. Stephanie Willer photo

Review and photos – The Gaslight Anthem at the Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg, Sept 6 2010

– review by eugene osudar/photos by Stephanie Willer

petty, waits & robbins
(not a law firm)
merely and
firmly entrenched
the tom/tom/toms
in the inspired writing
the words
and ideas
The Gaslight Anthem)
deeply and steeply
the images
and motifs
that blow (wind blow)
with hurricane force
into the hearts
and minds and dreams
(the hooks)
oh the beautiful
bob dylan
miles davis
bruce springsteen!
johnny cash
short stories
(three minute poems)
to the stars and moons,

in her enchanting eyes

oh you dreamers,
her eyes, her eyes!
and always a car
sexy chrome
sensual curves

(cuz every song is about a girl and a car
and “if you don’t like it, then tough!”
Brian Fallon grins)

Gaslight Anthem at the Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg Sept 6 2010. Stephanie Willer photo

Gaslight Anthem at the Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg Sept 6 2010. Stephanie Willer photo

and american slang
Bogie and Brando
On The Waterfront
on the cool
So Cool
Casablanca Cool,

just like Joe Strummer
in the greatest moving picture
we ever saw,

The Clash

inspiring dreams
of rockers
punk rockers
whispers to a scream
melodies like
Coma Girl,

let’s go and let’s
to the groove
to the hook
of glorious music
lifting melodies
a strong, clear
a tight,
snapping and popping
and racing
right on through
American Slang
the hook central shivers of
Great Expectations
the 59 Sound
Old White Lincoln
miles davis

(“i saw day

The Backseat
a few hundred hands
clap hands
Tom Waits

(“rattling chains”)

blue jeans and white tshirts
ida called you woody, joe

(“you fell straight into my arms”)

in your redemption songs

and infinitely
a new spin
for an old song
i coulda been a contender
first song of the encore

and her eyes

cutting you down
to the cold (so,cold)

100 minutes
21 songs

american slang
diamond church street choir
old white lincoln
even cowgirls get the blues
we came to dance
59 sound
bring it on
miles davis and the cool
ida called you woody, joe
wild spirit of jazz
queen of lower chelsea
blue jeans and white tshirts
stay lucky
great expectations


i coulda been a contender
senor and the queen
here’s looking at you kid
the backseat

The Gaslight Anthem,
brian fallon, voice, guitar
alex levine, bass
alex rosamilia, guitar
ben horowitz, drums

Brian Fallon marveled,
no barriers in the beautiful
Burton Cummings Theatre
and he and the fans pressed
tight to the stage
in the closeness

their intimate moments

he was on the floor
on his belly
so near
so close
in a whisper
as he borrowed
a red framed
so red
pair of glasses
from a fan
bring your signs
(Vancouver concert goers)
cuz Shelly from
Saskatoon did

(oh the boos)

“what’s that all about?”
brian asks.

short football
history lesson
and he learns
of the rivalry
between the blue bombers
and the green roughies
who just won,

round one.

Shelly hugged the alex
s and brian and a song
was dedicated to her.

that’s the beautiful.
of the Gaslight night
in Winnipeg.

the harder,

the sound was an endless
best at the back
even then…

(talking to a Burton staffer
near the end of the set
it takes someone who Knows
the far
dynamics of the big old
to get the mix sounding
just right)

just too long
too many songs

100 minutes
50 minutes

three songs
for an encore

(and then,)
if the fans insist
really want
more and more
clap hands,
give it.
play it.

the hooks and fan/
and the hard,
tight playing

(songs about girls and cars
and mostly
Really their heroes)

of The Gaslight Anthem
is always welcome
in any intimate

onward to Vancouver.
September 11.
The Commodore Ballroom.
i love that dance floor!

The Gaslight Anthem
September 6
Burton Cummings Theatre

Gaslight Anthem at the Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg Sept 6 2010. Stephanie Willer photo

Gaslight Anthem at the Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg Sept 6 2010. Stephanie Willer photo


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2 responses to “The Gaslight Anthem at Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg

  1. 10 years ago  

    Hi Eugene,

    Thanks so much for the amazing article on The Gaslight Anthem concert in Winnipeg. I’m Shelly (yep, that’s how I spell it)from Saskatoon, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have such an amazing keepsake from a once in a lifetime experience.

    I need a favor. I didn’t have a camera (blame it on my age, I’m this 39 year Mom who on a crazed whim decided to full fill a dream and go see my favorite band up close. Little did I know how close I would get!)

    Is there any way I can purchase a copy of Stephanie’s amazing photos from that night?

    Hope you can help me out, and if not just let me know…it’s cool.
    I’ll still be able to print off this article.

    Your a pal.
    Shelly (from Saskatoon) Skotheim

  2. 10 years ago  

    shelly, email me at eudancer@mts.net

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