NOBRO brings Polaris long-listed Set Your Pussy Free to Westward Music Festival

Kathryn McCaughey on NOBRO’s full-length debut, taxes and snake blood.

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Middlesex Wrestling Team – Is it the Truth?


Is It The Truth
and then play
the other songs.

this song is in
heavy play
on my itunes.
it’s on my desktop.
easy access.
i’ve listened to it a hundred times
in less than 24 hours.
i love it.

i want you to love it too.

middlesex wrestling team
is Jason Holinaty
of Toronto’s The Job.
I Love The Job.
their passion and power
Danny’s drumming!
a band i will again
and again and
again explode to.
just watch me.
i am

Jason emails:
“Is it the truth…written in the fall of 2008,
about the breakup of my long relationship with a girl
i still love.
i had written the song in toronto
but had to travel to london, ontario
to record it.
i had not yet
fully moved to toronto
and i was sleeping on a couch,
with none of my belongings
for three months.
making it harder for me
to accept
the breakup.”

this song and the others on the myspace,
stripped down home recordings are
and yes, a few strange sounds.

it’s The Essence of the emotion,
the raw power of Jason’s bare fragility,
the nakedness of his voice
and words,
that producer’s seek to destroy.
because they think too much
and can’t relate to
the painful beauty
in the songs.

i hope this project,
Make a Mess,
30 songs so far,
to be cut down
to the 10 that
make sense
to the album,
stays true to
Jason’s emotions
and passions.

my heart flashes to
Ian Curtis
Joy Division.
that kind of raw

i want you to hear it
in The Now.
This Moment,
your moment,
bookmark the page.
listen to the songs added.
hear them raw
before the producer
Makes His Mess.
out of terrible

They went out for 5 years
and as recently as three
months ago
were seeing each other.
letting go,
is never easy.
is it?

“is it the truth
that you don’t love me,

I can relate to Jason’s pain,
his hurt, his anguish,
as i’m sure so many reading
this and listening to the song can,

i’m 20 months out of my 12 year
marriage and it’s only now
that i’m truly letting go.
she moved on and away,
and i needed those
2000 kms
to allow for
my letting go.

my freedom from pain.

what’s your truth?
Dear Reader.

my therapist says, she made a mess
of my life. and she did. she ran.
my therapist says she was always
going to. hurt me and run.
she’s so needy. and i know
this. so i’m repeating this mantra,
she made a mess
of my life and she always
was going to. run.
better now than later on,
when i would have
killed myself.

Make a Mess

an album that only a producer
can mess up,

Is It The Truth
(look for the version on The Job’s myspace)
Waste My Time
Young Knight
Midnight Again
I’m Always Around
(Jason’s sniffling back tears?
that won’t be in the album version,

the songs are changing, now.
hurry up and listen and share…
and some won’t be on
Make a Mess.

is-it-the-truth_now play it again.

my friend Meghan writes and says,
the singer reminds her of
The Magnetic Fields,
the band “that rules.”

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“born, august 16, 1963. i’m 45, and yes, i’m getting too old for this. bring out the rocking chair. my first concert, november 1978, elvis costello and the attractions. i was 15. their blisteringly brilliant 65 minute set only served somebody to affirm my new direction in the musical parallel universes, new wave punk alternative, oh sanctity oh celebration (!Freedom!) college radio! i’m old, i’m used up and i’m free. i see 50something Full sets of music every month and dance most of them. and when i dance, i mean to say, I Dance and Celebrate, 2/3/4 hours a night. The Gaslight Anthem. The Boss. The Weber Brothers. The Wind Ups. i’ll dance with Los Campesinos. i’ll move to The Long Winters. The Replacements. Husker Du. The Pogues. oh elvis costello, oh Clash! i could go/go/go Gogol Bordello forever. L(eonard) Cohen. come, Dance With Me (Old 97s) wherever you may be, sincerely, eugene
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