Art Bergmann hits back hard on new track featuring MC5’s Wayne Kramer

Art Bergmann’s new song Christo Fascists features the MC5’s Wayne Kramer. The track is from his upcoming album Late Stage Empire Dementia.

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Steph Cameron at the Railway Club Saturday night!


Steph Cameron performs at the Railway Club Saturday night (Jan 24) in Vancouver.


Weekend picks – Steph Cameron at the Railway Club Jan 24 2015

– Shawn Conner

Steph Cameron is on tour for her excellent debut album, Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady. The record is a mostly acoustic work designed to showcase the strength of the BC-based musician’s songwriting.

Cameron plays the “Railway Club North” stage on Saturday night with Joe Nolan. Check out the video for her song “Goodbye Molly” below.

Video – Steph Cameron, “Goodbye Molly”:

The Globe And Mail named her as one of Canadas best up and coming artists. Cameron also topped Pop Matters‘ Best Canadian Albums of 2014 list at #1. She also garnered several mentions on Exclaim!s year-end lists.

Steph Cameron album cover

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