U.S. Girls at the Cobalt

U.S. Girls at the Cobalt Vancouver

U.S. Girls at the Cobalt, Vancouver, Nov. 18 2013. Sandra Minarik photo.

Photos – U.S. Girls at the Cobalt Vancouver Nov 18 2013

– photos by Sandra Minarik

U.S. Girls on tour for the 2012 album Gem.

U.S. Girls is the recording and touring project of Toronto-based musician Meghan Remy. She played the Cobalt in Vancouver last night, Nov 18. She performed with just a microphone and a keyboard.

In an interview with Impose, Remy stated, “Getting out and performing in front of people has been a process for me – and it’s helped, but it hasn’t fixed anything. When U.S. Girls started, I would sit on the ground… [then came] standing in front of people. Then came looking at them, and I’m still working on that part.”

Toronto singer/songwriter Basia Bulat recently wrote about U.S. Girls for American music magazine Magnet.

“I fell in love with the music of U.S. Girls almost a year ago now and have remained a fervent convert ever since!” Bulat writes. “One of the many reasons why I love the newest single is because of how empowered I feel when I hear Meghan Remy sing it.”

Seattle’s Cock and Swan opened the Vancouver show. Unfortunately, Ether Island, a New Mexico band that is touring with Remy, had flight delays which resulted in a no-show.

U.S. Girls at the Cobalt, Vancouver photos:

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