Art Bergmann hits back hard on new track featuring MC5’s Wayne Kramer

Art Bergmann’s new song Christo Fascists features the MC5’s Wayne Kramer. The track is from his upcoming album Late Stage Empire Dementia.

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​5 Awesome College Vloggers on YouTube

​5 Awesome College Vloggers on YouTube

​Looking for YouTube content about college life? We’ve gathered the most entertaining and interesting vloggers. Just check the people in our rundown, and you’ll be watching them hours on end:

Kent Heckel

Kent Heckel is a correspondence major with an emphasis on YouTube. Since going on YouTube in 2011, this school blogger has posted numerous vlogs, earning about 3,031,874 overall viewings. The videos have some genuinely top-notch cinematography, sharp interim shots, and engaging discussions and tips from Kent.His video blog topics range from dormitory visits to an average day as an undergraduate, to how to party at a small-sized school, and even skateboarding around college’s premises. His video blogs additionally cover a bigger scope of life subjects, including love, companionship, and staying happy. On his site, Kent clarifies, “I post consistently and frequently to motivate individuals to be better . . . regardless of whether you are in a school or college you will adore my video blogs!”

Brandon Hayden

Brandon Hayden is a correspondence and speech major. Although he hasn’t posted in quite a while, his way of life and tips for schoolі recordings offer incredible tips and his own experiences in things like picking a specialization, reading for exams, and figuring out how to cook for yourself.

For those looking and searching for an engaging way of life vlogs, Brandon has many: on how to get the most out of a Black-Friday, purchasing clothing articles, and giving back to your friends. He’s consistently charming, fashionable, and fun. His fans are waiting for him to begin posting again college-based videos, including “How to find an essay writing service” or “How to take your mind off college things”.

Brittany Lewis

For those keen on finding out about college club life at a bigger school, search up Brittany Lewis, a news student who began vlogging about school in her first year. Her most famous video “MOVING IN INTO THE COLLEGE DORMITORY AS A 1ST-YEAR ” has over 400k viewings, and keeping in mind that her more recent recordings demonstrate that her content creating abilities have been steadily improving. She wonderfully covers pretty much every idea a young girl may have during this part of college life, from leaving your close ones to choosing clothes appropriately.

Her more up to date recordings, which are released on YouTube once a week, cover themes like remaining mentally and physically sound, what to buy as a vegan and how to dress for sorority enrollment. Her way of life, style, and make-up recordings are plentiful and astoundingly clear.

Thomas Frank

Maker, architect, and director of School Data Nerd, Thomas Frank has a BS in informational frameworks. This creator, online vlogger, and speaker posts up to 5 video blogs every month, at times even more, on learning, staying efficient and personal development. He initially started YouTube in 2009, and currently has the biggest follower count of everybody on this rundown.

Thomas’ video blogs, available on his own site and his channels, have such titles as “How to Become More Poised Than Everybody Around You: 5 Real Bits of Advice,” “The Most Impressive Approach to Recollect What You’ve Studied” and “5 Tips (and One Surefire Advantage) for Flying Through Various Tests”. His recordings, as we would like to think, are the most accommodating and versatile on this rundown, and they range from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. Building his image up in the college entertainment area, he wrote and sold his writing “10 Stages to Receiving Amazing Marks” – it presently has more than 500 positive comments up on Amazon.


Correspondence major at Elon College, Katy Bellotte provides people with valuable tips and bits of her life on subjects that go far enough to be turned into her tmi videos. She releases these video blogs at least twice each month, addressing various subjects from her life.

This vlogger has gotten large enough for her recordings to be supported by various sponsors. No matter whether she is or isn’t getting money for uploading her style, make-up, and way of life recordings on YouTube, every last bit of her ideas and feelings are her own. Several publications have mentioned Katy and her successes in numerous pieces. This young lady is a breathtaking author and speaker, unafraid to address very personal subjects that numerous public vloggers avoid so as not to affect their public image.

Watch and Learn

If you’re not a college student yet, then you won’t be just entertained, but you’ll also learn lots of interesting things about your future college life. So, watch and listen carefully!

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