Sofi Tukker at Fortune Sound Club

Vancouver, Apr. 29 2017. Kirk Chantraine photos.

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Ages and Ages at the Rickshaw Theatre

Ages and Ages

Portland band Ages and Ages.

Video – Ages and Ages at the Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, June 25 2014

– by Shawn Conner

Ages and Ages played the Rickshaw Theatre Wednesday night in Vancouver. The Portland band was on a mini-tour for its excellent second album, 2013’s Divisionary. Two local acts, Joyce Island and Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars, shared the bill.

Ages and Ages’ five- and sometimes six-part harmonies sounded magnificent at the Rickshaw. Songs from Divisionary made up the bulk of the setlist, though the band also did a couple of songs from its 2011 debut, Alright You Restless, including “Souvenir”.

Here’s a video of the last song of the evening, “Over It” (from Divisionary).

Video – Ages and Ages, “Over It”:

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