Goodbye, best comic strip ever! Dook dook!

Maakies colour flash animation

Drinky Crow, you shall be missed.

RIP Maakies

Cartoonist Tony Millionaire posted the last installment of his comic strip Maakies Thursday, Sept 6.

You can see the strip at

The comic strip about Drinky Crow, a crow with a bottomless appetite for booze, and Uncle Gabby, was notable for featuring a frequently inebriated bird and lovingly drawn sailing ships from bygone years.

Yes, already it’s better than Peanuts.

It’s also better than Dick Tracy, which featured a detective who spent many panels looking at his watch when he could have been drinking from bottles labeled “xxx”; better than Calvin and Hobbes, which was about a boy who played with an imaginary tiger when he could have been guzzling booze and calling heavily made up women “wenches” on pirate ships; and waaaaay better than Doonesbury, just because how couldn’t it be.

So long, Maakies, best comic strip ever. We’ll miss you.

Video – Maakies (animated, 3D):

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