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The credibility of 30 Seconds to Mars

Jared Leto photo

Exhibit A.

Death Cab for Cutie vs. Jared Leto – Ben Gibbard on Jared Leto’s credibility

It looks like Jared Leto is getting a thrashing from Death Cab for Cutie.

In an interview with the magazine The Big Takeover, the group’s Nick Harmer and Ben Gibbard question not only the sincerity of the former star of My So Called Life but also his fondness for eyeliner.

Harmer is quoted as saying, “Not to throw anyone under the bus, but Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars – he’s acting the part.”

“He’s a professional actor in music; so there’s no way to feel any sincerity about his position as a musician,” says frontman Gibbard.  “Because he makes a living playing characters – so why wouldn’t he be able to take a step forward? Then you’re also acting what you think a rock star should act like.”

“People embrace that and they put him on posters and they’re a wildly popular band with some people,” Harmer continues. “And they just look at that and think ‘Oh, that’s what rock stars do: they wear eyeliner.’ I don’t know, it’s just a weird thing to me.”

Of course, Gibbard is married to actress Zooey Deschanel (Yes Man, (500) Days of Summer), who is also in a band herself – She & Him – so he is definitely setting himself up for accusations of hypocrisy.

4 responses to “The credibility of 30 Seconds to Mars

  1. 11 years ago  

    Not to defend Mr. Leto, but it seems like an odd response coming from a guy who’s about to marry musician and “professional actress” Zooey Deschanel.

  2. 10 years ago  

    Concur… and I wonder if Mr. Gibbard has that same opinion about Ms. Deschanel’s contributions, and if he has been ballsy enough to tell her.
    Also, I wasn’t aware that Mr. Gibbard and Mr. Harmer were Gods of All Music and in being so have the holy right to pass judgement on music created by everyone. I suppose that’s my mistake, guys, but it would’ve been nice if you would’ve announced it so we lower life forms would know.

  3. 10 years ago  

    Jerrid is intrested in acting and singing… and he’s damn good at doin both.. whoever criticizes the fact is obviously jealous. .. what does it matter what he does? Its his life. I think 30 seconds from mars is an amazing band one of my favorites and also jerrid looks hot in eyeliner too. Lol

  4. 10 years ago  

    Sincerity, he is being sincere. When ur a beautiful person(I know, especially as a women) & on top of it, or under, whichever, there is this amazing creative side that wants to express and express anyway in every medium , its hard for people that are not as good looking or talented to believe such awesome can exist in such a pretty package, With raw talent. So I’m here all the way from Philadelphia to let u know it does ! :b For real, let the haters fade out and do u boy! Peace & one Tara t

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