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Kathryn McCaughey on NOBRO’s full-length debut, taxes and snake blood.

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Key Tips to Consider When Choosing a Streaming Music Service


Key tips to consider when choosing a streaming music service

These days, getting a hold of your favourite music tracks is easy. Music streaming services have conveniently improved the way we acquire music and listen to our favourite artists. There is currently an abundance of streaming services with fixed subscription fees that are easily accessible including, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Store, to name a few. Thus, the question we must be asking ourselves is, “what differentiates one streaming service from the other?” In this case, there are a key set of tips and tricks to consider when choosing a service that is right for you, and, we conveniently compiled these below. Read on to find out how you can best choose the streaming service that suits your auditory needs.

Is the Music to Your Liking?

When you’re first approaching your search for the right streaming music service, you have to consider your basic needs. Fundamentally, you’re looking for a service that will provide you with the kinds of music, artists and genres that you enjoy most. Thus, the very first thing you will want to pay attention to, is the music catalogue.

Although most streaming services comprise of catalogues that are vast and often similar, there are some definite disparities between them all. While some services exclude classic artists like The Beatles, other services might be limited in the music offerings of contemporary artists like Daughter. The key here is to sign up for a free trial, sift through the catalogues, and see if the music is suitable to your needs. After that, you can make a short list of the streaming services that you would be potentially willing to sign up for.

…But Can You Try it Out for Free?

Yes! Luckily, all streaming services offer a free trial, which is necessary considering you should be able to view the available music catalogues before making a choice. Similar to bingo games played via mobile devices on great bingo sites, free trial options are appreciated, offering users the ability to test out the waters before diving in. Like games, music is purely based on taste and needs to be tested before it’s consumed.

Unfortunately, each service comes with its own limitations, and you have to decide what seems reasonable or a surefire no-go. For instance, Spotify and Google Play Store will frequently incorporate advertisements between tracks, which you may find a nuisance to your listening experience. Additionally, some services only allow you to stream radio stations, prohibiting you from trying out a music-on-demand option. Although trials are limited, you will be able to find the trial and service offering that is most generous based on what you’re looking for from a streaming service.

How About Storing Your Own Music?

If you’re an avid music fan and have a catalogue of your own, this will be an important facet of the search you will want to make a priority. A few streaming services, such as Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Xbox Music and Spotify, offer you the ability to listen to their select catalogues as well as upload your own music. This customization can be useful if you tend to change your music preferences frequently and simply need to have your own options on-hand for when you need them.

What About Discounts?

Discounts are a great incentive, especially when they accommodate your current circumstances. That is, family plan pricing options or group discounts can be great if you’re considering adding people to your account. For example, Spotify offers 50% with each addition to a premium account! The best part is that each individual has their own ​playlist so you won’t have to worry about anyone tinkering around with your favorite playlists. Moreover, if you happen to be a student, some streaming services offer incredible student discounts as well. Finding the right streaming service can also come down to finding the one at the right price, which sometimes makes the search a little simpler.

With the following tips, you can easily find the streaming music service to suit your needs. Although the options are many, honing in on your specific needs is key in finding the one that is able to accommodate you. Your favorite music is just a few searches away!

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