NOBRO brings Polaris long-listed Set Your Pussy Free to Westward Music Festival

Kathryn McCaughey on NOBRO’s full-length debut, taxes and snake blood.

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Kate Nash at Electric Owl

Kate Nash at Electric Owl

Kate Nash at Electric Owl, Vancouver, May 14 2013. Kirk Chantraine photo

Photos–Kate Nash at Electric Owl, Vancouver, May 14 2013

– photos by Kirk Chantraine

Kate Nash on tour for her new album Girl Talk.

The U.K. singer emerged onto the British music scene with some early singles and the 2008 release of her full-length debut Made of Bricks.

Born and raised in London, Nash started playing music as a kid. She then studied theatre at the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. She was contemplating a future as an actor when, after a fall down a flight of stairs, she found herself housebound with a broken leg. To ease her boredom, she began writing songs on a guitar that her mom bought her.

After playing a few local gigs, Nash started uploading her music to MySpace. By spring of 2007 the singer and songwriter had a record deal. By the summer Made of Bricks was travelling up the UK charts. She played the UK festival circuit, including Reading and Leeds, and made her TV debut on Later with Jools Holland.

“An artist should be someone who’s sticking it to the man,” Kate Nash explained in an interview. “It’s about rebellion. It’s about your mom being like ‘turn that down’ and you slamming the door and being like ‘whatever, I need this music to help me get through my emotions!’”

Alongside her Girl Talk tour and album release, Nash has partnered with the Because I Am a Girl charity. Because I Am a Girl is Plan International’s global initiative focusing on improving the lives of four million girls and their families by 2016.

Visit becauseiamagirl.us to learn how you can “buck up” for girls.

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Kirk Chantraine

About Kirk Chantraine

Kirk Chantraine is a Canadian photographer and software developer currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He graduated from Vancouver Film School for 3D Animation in 2004 and has been working in the Visual Effects industry ever since with companies such as Electronic Arts and Disney. Over the last few years Kirk has exhibited his photographic works in San Francisco and Vancouver. A music aficionado and vinyl junkie, Kirk shoots live music and performance at an inhuman pace across North America for The Snipe News , along with landscape and portraiture. If you're buying: gin-and-tonics. He is @kchantraine on Twitter.
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