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Vancouver singer previews her second album Only the End with the release of a collaboration with Bonnie “Prince” William.

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MetaMaus, Camilla d’Errico, Kate Beaton and more – comics news digest

Sky Pirates art

Camilla d'Errico's Sky Pirates.

Comics news digest Oct 15 2011 – Vancouver

– by Ryan Ingram

Itís been a while since The Snipe checked in on the world of funnybooks, so hereís a comics round-up, local-style.

– If youíve ever wondered if Garfield could be more terrifying than the CGIíd Bill Murray-voiced monstrosity from a couple years back, you should definitely check out local comics artist Rebecca Dartís most recent Battle Kittens piece titled “I Hate Mondays”. (Also, pick up a copy of Dart’s Battle Kittens comic book while youíre at it.)

– To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Art Spiegelmanís Maus, the Pulitzer-winning graphic novel has been re-released along with an interactive DVD that features a behind-the-scenes look at just about everything that went into the books’ creation. The DVD was designed and created by Vancouverís Ryan Nadel after a lengthy and interesting process.

Art Spiegelman art from MetaMaus.

Art Spiegelman art from MetaMaus.

Emily Carrollís at it again. It was last Halloween when she simultaneously spooked and amazed everyone with her story “His Face All Red”, and this year sheís doing a five-part comic called “Margotís Room”. Itís three chapters in and itís ambitious and effective storytelling. Each strip definitely gets its hooks in your brain and lingers, as you wait for all the clues in Margotís tragic-looking room to tie together.

– Comics interviewer Robin McConnell (the CiTR program “Inkstuds“) is doing video interviews with creators from around the Pacific Northwest. His first interviewee is King City creator Brandon Graham who talks about what itís like to have a sketchbook full of pants-less ladies, among other things.

King City art by Brandon Graham.

King City art by Brandon Graham.

Andrew Schick was recently featured on comics super-site Comics Alliance, where they said his work “resembles Jeff Lemire’s gawky style with a touch of googly-eyed absurdity that looks like it could have been ripped out of Gary Panter or Brian Chippendale’s sketchbook.Ē If you havenít checked out Schick’s work before, and that doesnít sell you on it, you might suck.

Andrew Schick art.

Andrew Schick art.

– I could probably do weekly updates on the going-ons of creator Camilla díErrico, who recently announced a video game adaptation of her comic Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, as well as the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to release a hardcover collection of her limited edition series Tanpopo. Thereís also an expected announcement regarding Helmetgirls expected at this weekendís New York Comic-Con.

– Hot on the heels of releasing her hilarious-and-New-York-Times-best-selling book, Hark! A Vagrant, Canadian cartoonist and ex-Maritime Museum of B.C. employee Kate Beaton, will make an appearance here for the Vancouver International Writers Festival next Friday.

Kate Beaton art from Hark! A Vagrant.

Kate Beaton art from Hark! A Vagrant.

– Congrats to Kim La Fave and Gary Kent (who The Snipe talked to earlier this year) on their nomination for a Governor Generalís Award for Fishing With Gubby. The book has been nominated in the Childrenís Literature (Illustration) category.

– Lastly, thereís a Comics Jam tonight at the Wallflower Modern Diner. Bring your pencil crayons, smelly felts, and at least $5 to spend on booze and/or food.

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