Vancouver concert preview – Kehlani at PNE Forum

Preview—Kehlani at PNE Forum, Vancouver, Sept 21 Kehlani‘s 2022 Blue Water Road Tour kicked off on July 29th in Portsmouth, VA. The North American tour includes a stop in Vancouver Wed. Sept 21 at the PNE Forum. Accordingly, the tour is in support of her third album, Blue Water Road. On Pitchfork, the record received […]

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Closing Ceremonies 2010 Olympics

20:07 @r2dent Looks like someone switched the list of top 10 canadian artist with top 10 worst canadian artist and VANOC didn’t catch on…

20:05 @McEwen13 Everything was amazing before and including Neil Young in the Closing Ceremonies. The rest was a disgrace to Canada.

20:05 @JayzieTo With the Vancouver Olympics over, the producers of the closing ceremonies can’t be fired, altho they deserve to be #van2010

20:04 @stephcloutier The performances at the closing ceremonies kind put a damper on winning #gold at the #olympics, don’t u think?

20:04 @RickyTicky Well, that was pretty good. Much better than the opening. Shame Nickelback RUINED THE WHOLE THING

20:03 @KalaineD The best part of closing ceremonies was twittering how bad it was with friends. Glad I wasn’t alone for the horror.

20:03 @annechantal Hey VANOC, can we get our money back for this BS? Worst closing ceremonies EVER. #van2010 #bringonsochi

20:02 @causticchick Talk about a letdown of Olympic proportions. RT @dandoan: What? That’s it?

20:01 @LeikaLaRae So glad Justin Bieber didn’t sing tonight. Phew.

19:58 @beballchick End of Ceremony is really bad. Sorry world, all canadian apologize for this. #notsarcastictweet

19:53 @IveeGee: This closing ceremony has it all. Creepy Russian stuff. Captain Kirk. Flying inflatable beavers. And now a lot of really bad music.

19:53 @KatyAnderson is the Closing Ceremony musical lineup a parody too?

19:53 @TimTripp Uh, sorry. #ClosingCeremony #Olympics #Vancouver2010 #van2010 #sorry

19:52 @pipey21 dear world. we have better music than this. really. love, all canadians.

19:52 @TurnipCannon It’s almost as if the Canadian iPod is on shuffle, and it’s coming across songs we’ve been meaning to delete.

19:49 @EtotheZ: Apparently the polite way to get people to leave your country is to play increasingly bad music until the place clears out

19:39 @todmaffin: The music clearly picked by a cmte of white guys in their late 50s who think they’re “with it” with what the kids listen to. #FAIL #van2010

19:38 @soleus17 Okay I can’t take this anymore… #olympicclosingceremonies i’m turning it. On to Pimsleur Farsi Lesson 3.

19:36 @ScottWinterr: Nickelback & Avril? I thought this was #Van2010 not #Van2002

19:32 @soundgurl Why Nickelback? Why? Why? I’m changing my citizenship. And even though I’m not a fan, they have better songs

19:29 @doggietweets things missing: inflatable Wayne Gretzky, inflatable cast of Ice Road Truckers.

19:28 @tedleo So, crack finally made its way up north, huh?

19:26 @luclatulippe I think this is the end of the world.

19:25 @hardkori in my mind, this couldn’t have been better!

19:24 @thedouggordon This is like if Springfield held the Olympics on “The Simpsons.”

19:23 @BeckySchuurman “No you’re not hallucinating. Those are giant beavers and flying moose”

19:23 @indii3 Giant beaver and flying moose … omg … roflmfao … what the world will think of us now … LMAO …

19:21 @BeckySchuurman “My father was mountie… He didn’t dance like that” I love this spectacle

19:16 @marcelgonsalves Does Michael Buble always have leggy Mounties in his show? When’s he coming back through town?

19:14 @ amyangeli They should just end it already. Its getting lamer by the minute

19:07 @abatheguy William Shatner??? Isn’t he suposed to be back on the Starship Enterprise?

18:58 @marcelgonsalves Neil Young!!! Making up for Canada’s embarassments since 1967.

18:50 @TedLeo This may be the craziest barrage of white & black magic psychotic fever dream insanity I have ever sat through.

18:31 @marcelgonsalves “This presentation is something like Russia meets Avatar.” I’m not making this shit up. #olympicclosingceremonies

18:30 @marcelgonsalves OMG! RU ROOTING FOR SPACEMAN OR CHARIOT OF ICE HORSES?!? #olympicclosingceremonies

18:21 @Judd_Rules The #OlympicClosingCeremonies: “Like a halftime show except there’s nothing to look forward too.”

17:48 @HamataroGirl Hey Mr. Harper, are you talking during the national anthem or do you not know the words? #Olympicclosingceremonies

17:38 @LetyRoxtar A bunch of kids all dressed alike with fake snowboards all jumping up and down = weird… #canadians #wtf #olympicclosingceremonies

15:58 @RobB0T: I guess using Nickelback would be a great way to get people to leave the country.

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