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Vancouver, May 21 2015. Taisuke Tanimura review, Pavel Boiko photos.

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DJ Qualls claims he was beaten by Vancouver police

DJ Qualls photo

DJ Qualls is claiming he was beaten by a VPD officer Friday night.

DJ Qualls claims he was beaten by Vancouver police

– by Shawn Conner

The Vancouver newspaper The Province is reporting that actor DJ Qualls claims he was beaten by a Vancouver police office. A story has also appeared in TMZ.

The alleged incident occurred Friday night on the city’s notorious party-hearty strip, Granville Street. According to Qualls’ postings on his Twitter account, he was beaten after trying to identify an assailant in a street fight to a Vancouver police officer. The officer then beat Qualls and, according to the actor, taunted him while waiting for an ambulance. Qualls claims he was charged $800 after being treated at the ER of a local hospital.

The VPD is asking Qualls to come forward with an official complaint.

Qualls’ roles include the movie Road Trip and the TV series Memphis Beat.

Screengrab of DJ Qualls’ Twitter account courtesy TMZ:

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