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Vancouver, May 26 2015. Taisuke Tanimura review, Kirk Chantraine photos.

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Katy Perry and Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira - 'fresh meat'.

Sky Ferreira - 'fresh meat'.

Katy Perry caused an uproar when she posted the above photo of 17-year-old singer Sky Ferreira with a bottle of vodka between her legs.

In February, Katy tweeted, “I like em right before they’re famous… Fresh meeeat. @skyferreira”

Apparently, the photo also caused a ruckus for Sky. Today, Katy tweeted, “@skyferreira I didn’t know I had the power to get popstars grounded! Amazesack!”

Sky Ferreira 2

Sky Ferreira‘s video for her song “Obsession”, which features actor Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Brasko, Kill Bill, Sin City, etc). “Obsession” is Sky Ferreira‘s first U.S. single off her yet-to-be titled 2011 debut album as well as the single for The Vampire Diaries: Original Television Soundtrack.

Video – Sky Ferreira, “Obsession”

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