Elvis Costello at the Beacon Theatre, New York City, June 10 2009

Elvis Costello and Jenny Lewis concert photo

Elvis Costello at the Beacon Theatre, New York City, June 10

– tweets collected by Shawn Conner/photo by Mike Latschislaw from the Winnipeg Folk Festival, July 8 2009

“Elvis Costello fans sure do like their hats.”-mediadarwin 16:33

“Elvis Costello at the Beacon! Renovation looks amazing.” -Sydneyweiss 16:47

“Allain Toussaint just checked out the ‘FUV table at the Elvis Costello concert… He almost took a button.” -joegrim 17:12

“Elvis Costello is going totally country at the Beacon Theatre.” -Blinkable 17:26

“Dear audience: Elvis Costello is far more important than you. He was here on time. Why weren’t you?” -earbox 17:39

“Finally!!!!! Blame it on Cain!” -MalFII 18:04

“Seeing elvis costello at the Beacon Theater. New album, ctry ish pretty sweet. Grt band. Really tight” -venueczar 18:15

“Watching Elvis Costello @ the Beacon Theater and he is giving a great show!” Cinemaray 18:42

“Elvis Costello, I know you’d hate to hear we didn’t come to only hear your new album. But hi man, we didn’t. You own us “She” and $65.” harnevo 19:02

“Apparently everyoe here owns one elvis costello album – king of America. Because he’s played 5 songs off that album” -MalfII 19:07

“Angels Want To Wear My Red Shoes!” -mickdeck 19:11


“We might not have gotten Friend Of The Devil at The Dead but we got it Elvis Costello!” -mickdeck 19:40

“I loves you, Elvis, but 2:40 of you tires out even me.” -earbox 19:47

“Elvis Costello will never ever let me down!!” -leekessler 19:52

“Elvis costello rocked da house. And apparently we look like the jonas brothers?” -seldon452 20:01

“Elvis costello’s set = 2.5 hrs. J: “that was positively springsteenian.”” -kidchamp 20:03

“Elvis costello awsm as always. Heavy on new album & King of America. Also more “countrified/westernized/zydeco’ed” versions of classics” -experiencedchic 20:11

“Elvis was excellent. Always the showman. At Fiorello’s for dinner. I love this place!” -SweetPear 20:19

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One response to “Elvis Costello at the Beacon Theatre, New York City, June 10 2009

  1. 6 years ago  

    Definitely a lot of new music last night but it was so well played and Elvis’ was in such good voice that I enjoyed every minute of it. Didn’t get home till after midnight and I’m pretty tired today but I still am glad I went. Third time I see him live and he hasn’t disappointed me yet.

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