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Die Mannequin at the Park Theatre, Winnipeg

Care Failure with Die Mannequin

Care Failure with Die Mannequin at the Park Theatre, Winnipeg, Nov 30 2009.

Review and pics—Die Mannequin at the Park Theatre, Nov 30 2009

- text by eugene osudar/photos by Dawn McLenehan and Britt Weber this is punk rock school 101 all ages gig 130 people at The Park on a Monday night and i'm guessing 101 of them are in high school some in middle school and they don't know jack crap about what to do at a gig but then again, i was 15 years old when i saw Elvis Costello and The Attractions in 1978 and it was my first concert my most memorable concert and i didn't know jack crap about what to do at a gig let alone new wave punk rock and the older ones at The Playhouse sure didn't either we all sat in our seats as the music and power anger and intensity viciously coursed rattled and rearranged rib cages ours yours and mine bones like brittle busted candy soul sweet kisses so, here's what i wrote before care failure hit the stage heroes and heroines poets and musicians singers and screamers mad genius dreamers guitarists who bend and make notes sing like neil young's whammy squeals oh(D) to the elegies of bob stinson paul westerberg's words like Charles Bukowski lucid and real digging into your guts you bloodshot punk nuts Billy Bragg Patti Smith Joey Ramone Bob Dylan metal ain't my thing it usually bores me grinds me into dust sleep dust yawning dawning forgiveness there are exceptions, the exceptionals, Motorhead AC/DC, Bon Scott cuz Bon Scott was punk and i remember that first time i saw Metallica for 65 minutes the perfect set time length, they moved me to believe they were the best band ever that melding of metal and punk and speed and anger and power and then they kept on playing and drove me into the ground boring me utterly i gave the King of Snore Bore two chances Ted Nugent (wo)man, he's more boring than Perry Como that's saying much i'm here to see a rock n roll vixen trash queen Die Mannequin Care Failure i hear she's hot she's the show she's the bomb she's nuclear she's fissionable material (s)explicit delicious hard nails bits of Joan Jett and Courtney Love if only she was Patti Smith there will Never be one to touch Patti. the untouchable genius beauty power intensity fragility poetess tiger lion feline kitty yum so, i talk to the Park's sound man what are they like? he's non-committal offers a Marilyn Manson comparison i'm here for her i hear she's something special she's so young she's the show and he sparkles he literally lights up yes! she's nice (that's a good thing) she's relaxed cool despite so many technical problems during sound check. no prima donna. she's something special and those tech probs persisted during the real set that megaphone never worked and i didn't care! her voice her throbbing screaming roaring and singing moved me just fine right to the front of the stage and though i had no intention to i danced. i was saving it for later for The Hidden Cameras but she moved me and those kids needed to see what it is to be free. to be a kid at the legal tender age of 46. and she rocks. she drew me in. the drummer roars and bangs thunder lightning stick bolts and the guitarist right in front of me played his part'true and that's just fine cuz care failure's the show certainly not anthony bleed's great flying gobs across the stage eight, nine, ten feet giant looooogerz launched from his bad attitude cuz he didn't get the kids needed to be on the stage he's not the show she's. The Show. and she knew those kids are her future her kids growing up hard and true to Care Failure wherever she takes them. Joan Jett Courtney Love just real nice. you can feel it flow from her. she sput tuttered onto the stage crawling dragging herself and then leaping onto stage stacks miming gun shot victim didn't work for me blood lips blood mouth Die Mannequin doesn't need that in 73 minutes she smoked me and stroked me purred me meowed me and made me RoaR like a big cat leo that i am dancing Lion,man,Boy in my Holy F#ck shirt Die Mannequin setlist The Other Traffic Americvnt Locking Elizabeth Do It Or Die Orson Wells 2012 uh-oh Suffer Dead Honey Autumn Cannibalist Poppies Fino Bleed Bad medicine Don't Say Motherf#cker Father Punk Whipper Snapper she' s a rocker she's compelling a diva a punk rock princess a natural front person drawing you in to the show she's the show i made my way down from the back through the seats squeezing and finding room by the side and watching her and each song gets better until Elizabeth takes us into a different place so intensely passionate a hot hot song disturbing subject matter and from hereon every song is intensely hot and driven by her punch drunk staggering all around the stage giving us her ass shaking it her uh-oh moaning and groaning grunting going into the audience during Dead Honey she spits at the crowd (she wants it back) (no one obliges) asking kids to step on stage during Autumn Cannibalist she's taking the kids to school giving them a lesson in letting go in being punk and 20 kids surround her they don't move frozen sculptures some with mohawks all in black (now that's really ho-hum Perry Como) get a new uniform kids wear colors! be colorful black is boring! she pulls her t-shirt up to the little boys gyrates and finally, the kids begin to move to bang around pinball styling slamming flippers bumping and spinning and crowd surfing and diving Poppies she gives her guitar to a girl who poses for pics Care goes into the audience she gets the kids to sing and roar and let go go go moaning there's one girl on stage who gets it and begins to want it to be a Punk Rocker! Yes! there's a punk rocker on the stage and it's a girl Care Failure inspires punk rock girl fires the flames sweep over her care takes the guitar and re.enters the song and totally rocks the mess around into Fire Don't Say Motherf#cker Care takes the mike stand and plants the base to her groin groans hard metal strap-on rock n roll hot song! and into still hotter Father Punk she's the hotter hot heat she goes into the audience and they're all moving she's givNerrrrrr schooled and graduated these kids have changed okay, they'll still wear black but i can see they've found a heroine a leader a punker to follow and a few girls and some boys will be inspired just like the high school girl i talked to right after who's a singer forming her own band she was pumped right up just like i was jetting out of The Playhouse in November 1978 after seeing Elvis Costello and The Attractions and ready to be punk. and i didn't mention anything about the last couple of songs the writhing on the floor bassist popping her and how she took the drum sticks and hammered everything behind the kit she's just punk ! she's The Show showing the kids anyone can Be Punk! Do It Or Die! care failure, lead vokes, guitar anthony bleed, bass stacy stray, guitar daz, drums Die Mannequin Park Theatre November 30.
Die Mannequin Winnipeg

Die Mannequin at the Park Theatre, Winnipeg, Nov 30 2009.

  Die Mannequin photo
Die Mannequin Winnipeg

Die Mannequin at the Park Theatre, Winnipeg, Nov 30 2009.


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  1. 7 years ago  

    Dude the show was as sick and real as they get. Took my frien to her first show. Had her up there at the beggining of the second act. I got her inspired.

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