T.I. at the Commodore Ballroom

Vancouver, Jan. 12 2017. Jason Martin photos.

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Braids at Lo Pub, Winnipeg (review and photos)

Braids band concert photo Winnipeg

BRAIDS at Lo Pub, Winnipeg, June 3 2010. Cheyenne Rae photo

Review and photos - Braids at Lo Pub, Winnipeg, June 3 2010

- text by eugene osudar/photos by Cheyenne Rae i'm in love with Braids from Montreal, and i chose to experience their set over a very hot ticket Caribou at The Pyramid sold out show 400 people. Braids played before a scant 40 at The Lo Pub on Thursday night Goodform dance night DJs so really, maybe 20 came to see Braids again. their previous visit last summer was mesmerizing enchanting thrilling chilling spine tingling soul searing soul lifting 80 or so people i'd have to look/see at my guttersnipe posting to know for sure what i recall is we were quiet when the music was quiet hushed and we lifted we moved when the music lifted soared took flight took us to flight to wings Braids are symphonic and they take you to wings www.myspace.com/braidsmusic 6 songs in 40 minutes 6-7 minute songs sound,scapes to see and to leap to fly and to soar is to be in the midst of a Braids set to pray meditate over voices and instruments sometimes, like whale songs sometimes, like perfect dreams sometimes, like perfect kisses caresses to your most erogenous zones, your most torrid places. sex. love. symphonic harmonic exultant luxurious exquisite Braids music. is. all this and more, reverent we loved Braids Raphaelle Standell-Preston with BRAIDS photo this time the 20 young dancers began in dance with dance lemonade peach wedding candy spills native speaker Plath heart glass deers the songs, the set. and in dance i celebrated the youngsters but somewhere in the quiet the hushed build ups the youngsters lost their groove way and with loud voices constant chatter with nothing much to say except to interrupt and frustrate Braids and their audience the show was marred by yet another rude portion of the audience. i'm writing this more and more (often) these same things words, rude people dick,heads brawlers maulers ill-mannered idiots ignorant people. what's happened? i don't know. respect for people and artists, courtesy lost... the cell,phone age? computer games? people can't concentrate. be courteous. be in the moment. be here and now. be poetic. and beautiful. this beautiful now. Braids! raph and katie lee laid into the youngsters who still couldn't grasp their rude chatter. the youngsters tried to dance as an apology. quiet would have been better. my spine tingled during every song and staff at The Lo stopped their work and watched. with reverence. Raphaelle battled a cold and sang beautifully even as she sniffled through most songs the real battle was waged with the youngsters, sadly. i love Braids from Montreal. Yes! I Love Braids. in the now. the perfect now. of their music. their sound dreams. their wow. and if you Love your music with tectonic soul plate shifts let their melodies and voices their pop muse symphonies shift you into your most beautiful places. in flight. Braids, Lo Pub. June 3rd. More Braids at Lo Pub, Winnipeg 2010 photos:

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