The Jesus and Mary Chain at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, May 13 2015. Kirk Chantraine photo.


The Jesus and Mary Chain at the Vogue Theatre

May 13 2015. Taisuke Tanimura review, Kirk Chantraine photos.

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Archive photo of the day: Paramore

Tic Tac Canada’s Archive Photo of the Day

Guttersnipe has teamed up with Tic Tac and their Fresh Fun Talent Contest to bring you our Archive Photo of the Day.

Each day we’ll go through our immense archive of photo galleries of the last two years and pick a favourite photo that you might have missed.

Today’s photo: Paramore at GM Place, Vancouver, July 18 2009:

Paramore at GM Place July 18 2009.

Paramore at GM Place July 18 2009.

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More Paramore concert photos:

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