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Preview – Memory Tapes, ‘Player Piano’

Memory Tapes

Memory Tapes releases new album

Player Piano, the second album from Memory Tapes (the recording alias of Dayve Hawk), is set to be released on July 5 via Carpark. The LP will see release in Europe on Something in Construction, while Inertia will handle the Australian release.

Like its 2010 predecessor Seek Magic, Player Piano was recorded at Hawk’s home studio in rural New Jersey, and the album was mastered at Abbey Road.

The highly acclaimed Seek Magic sold over 30,000 copies worldwide and made Pitchfork’s “Best New Music” list with a rating of 8.3.

Since its live debut in Manchester in January of last year, Memory Tapes has gone on to play shows across North America, Europe and Australia. Hawk’s remixes of Crystal Castles, Gucci Mane and Britney Spears have received much critical praise.

A press releases states that while Seek Magic was an electronic sounding record with lots of dance music tropes, Player Piano is more focused on melody. Instead of using sequencing software, Hawks plays each instrument in the studio himself. The statement also suggests the new record’s sound can be described as “keyboard-based psychedelic girl-group songs.”

With a lineup expanded to more than just the usual formation of Hawks and drummer Matt Maraldo, Memory Tapes will tour this summer in support of the new album. Hawk has also been busy working on his third Memory Tapes album.

An early version of album cut “Today Is Our Life” previously appeared on Something in Construction’s Love SIC Disco compilation, and you can listen to it below.

MP3: Memory Tapes – “Today Is Our Life”

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