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Video Game Weekly News Digest: Aug 18

Infamous 2 Festival of Blood image

iNfamous 2: Festival of Blood.

This week: Festival of Blood, Fruit Ninja, Tropico, and more

Each week Robert Sutherland takes us on a tour of what’s new in the world of videogames. This week: vampires, the “vs” era, and much more.

– by Robert Sutherland (@Sutherland604)

– inFamous 2 DLC adds vampires to the mix. The new (stand alone) DLC Festival of Blood for the PS3 exclusive inFamous 2 has the hero Cole MacGrath facing off against the undead as he chases Dracula to avoid turning into a vampire. The trailer alone is enough to get me wanting to risk putting my CC info up on the PSN to get the add-on.

Watch – inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood (teaser):

– Everyone’s favourite fruit salad chef sim Fruit Ninja is the latest game to get the Xbox Kinect treatment. Get your slicing muscles ready as you’ll be doing ninja slices on screen.

Fruit Ninja Kinect image.

Fruit Ninja Kinect.

–  One of my personal favourite PC games is getting a fourth instalment; I am of course referring to the tropical slumlord/civilization game Tropico. Tropico 4 has a new demo out for download on the PC and you get a small glimpse at the tutorial section of the game. Dare I say WORST DEMO EVER!

Tropic 4 image.

Kalypso Media's Tropico 4.

–  Gretzky, Bourque & Chelios are all added to the line-up in NHL12. EA Sports will unveil eight more “Legends” that will be in the game leading up to the release later this year. The players factor into the action in a few ways:

a.     You can add them to your roster in more game play modes

b.     Your “Be A Pro” character will have challenges and other in game incentives to try and match the legends in the game.

EA Sports' NHL 12.

EA Sports' NHL 12.

–  The fighting genre has hit a new era – the “versus” era, as I like to call it. The latest entry in this subgenre is the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken, which pits your favourite fighters from the Street Fighter series against their counterparts from the Tekken arena. Personally, I don’t like button mashing/combo memorizing fighting games. Despite my displeasure, the games keep rolling out along with the massive how-to manuals they require in order to play them.

Watch – Street Fighter X Tekken (Capcom and Namco):

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword gets a release date, and it’s Nov 20th. The game uses the improved Wii Remote Plus (the add-on remote + motion plus) and has players taking on the role of Link like never before. I expect some strong sales for this title heading into the busy holiday months.

Watch – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer:

– In related news, the next Ninja Gaiden, titled Ninja Gaiden 3, will feature PlayStation Move compatibility. Now you can either be a Fruit Ninja or a Ninja Assassin on your Xbox or PS3.

Watch – Ninja Gaiden 3 trailer:

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