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Sasha Grey’s new book of Neu Sex

Sasha Grey Neu Sex book cover image

Sasha Grey's Neu Sex

Porn star “performance artist” Sasha Grey has a book

In a development we suppose was inevitable, Sasha Grey – the 23-year-old performer who has just about managed to bridge the porn and mainstream worlds by appearing in an indie flick (The Girlfriend Experience) and cable series – has a book out.

Well, it’s not a real book – that is, it’s not a novel, or a collection of short stories, or God forbid a memoir. Rather, it’s a book with pictures, mostly of Grey, some more provocative than sexy (peeing in the street, smeared with blood in the shower). It’s published by Vice Books, naturally.

Sasha Grey posing in her book Neu Sex

Sasha Grey in her book Neu Sex

Neu Sex was released just a few days ago, on March 29 and, according to ArtInfo, last night (March 31) Grey launched the book with an appearance at New York City’s Housing Works Cafe. There, the adult film star dropped the names of photogs Cindy Sherman and Nan Goldin; she apparently stated one of her aims with the book is take control over her image. Good luck.

Although Neu Sex comes without the same furor, the book reminds us of Sex, the Madonna tome of nearly 20 (!) years ago. That book too was a bunch of photos with pretensions towards art (ultimately undone by the participation of Vanilla Ice).

Neu Sex (192 pps, hardcover) is currently priced at $19.50 on A signed copy of Sex is priced at $650 on eBay.

More images of Sasha Grey in Neu Sex:

Sasha Grey in Neu Sex \

Sasha Grey in Neu Sex

Sasha Grey in Neu Sex

Sasha Grey image from Neu Sex

Sasha Grey image from Neu Sex

Sasha Grey image from Neu Sex

Sasha Grey image from Neu Sex

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