T.I. at the Commodore Ballroom

Vancouver, Jan. 12 2017. Jason Martin photos.

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Kacey Jordan, celebrity babysitter!

Kacey Jordan at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2008.

Kacey Jordan at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2008.

In an only-in-Hollywood scenario, porn star Kacey Jordan claims that actor Charlie Sheen not only wanted her to "party" with him but, along with a couple of other adult film actresses, to move into a mansion he would keep. One of her duties, Sheen told her, would be to babysit his two daughters. This idea seems to have come to Sheen in a coke binge during a three-day party at his L.A. home, although his realtor was there as well, ready to have the papers signed, according to Jordan. Appearing on Good Morning America, Jordan said Sheen was smoking chunks of coke from a pipe every two to five minutes. "I'd never seen someone so self-destructive," says Jordan in the interview.
Charlie Sheen

The rakish Charlie Sheen

After being rushed to the hospital last week, Sheen has apparently checked himself into rehab. What is most disturbing about this report remains the fact that Charlie Sheen is the highest-paid TV star for his show Two and a Half Men. He receives a reported $2m per episode. Eight episodes of the current season have yet to be shot, and will be on hold for the next three months while Sheen is in rehab. This could cost the network millions of dollars in lost revenue.

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