Ashley Shadow releases Don’t Slow Me Down off upcoming album

Vancouver singer previews her second album Only the End with the release of a collaboration with Bonnie “Prince” William.

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Kevin Chong’s year at the races

My Year of the Racehorse promo image

Eat Pray Bet – My Year of the Racehorse to launch at W2 Media CafĂ©

– by Shadi Maceac

Canadian bestselling author Kevin Chong launches his new book, My Year of the Racehorse: Falling in Love with the Sport of Kings, on March 28 at the W2 Media Café.

The book explores a pivotal point in the author’s life. In his mid-30s, realizing that he hasn’t bought a house and doesn’t have a serious girlfriend or wife, he decides to buy a racehorse. What follows is a year of discovery – about life on the racetrack and, of course, about himself.

Kevin Chong author photo

Kevin Chong with friend. Michelle Furbacher photo

The reading will include mint juleps, cotton candy and tips on horseracing and begins at 7:30.

Book trailer – My Year of the Racehorse:

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