The Ex-Girlfriends at the Royal Albert Arms, Winnipeg

The Ex-Girlfriends at the Royal Albert Arms, Winnipeg, March 22 2010. Ailsa Dyson photo.

Photos – The Ex-Girlfriends at the Royal Albert Arms, Winnipeg, March 22 2010

– photos by Ailsa Dyson

The Ex-Girlfriends opening for Dirty Penny (Santa Cruz) and Diemonds (Toronto) on the Winnipeg stop of the Young and Wrecked Tour, March 22 2010. Ailsa Dyson snapped these pics, including one of lead guitarist/singer Sigourney Burrell‘s boots.

Ailsa Dyson

About Ailsa Dyson

Ailsa studied art theory at the Alberta College of Art and Design for three years before moving to Winnipeg where she received her diploma in professional photography from PrairieView School of Photography. She is presently 1/4 of a Winnipeg photography collective called f/action and sings the part of June Carter in a Johnny Cash tribute called that Damn Cash Band. She draws her inspiration from the essence of what occurs naturally in her surroundings. Ailsa is invariably fascinated with irony, synchronicity and certain truths being stranger than fiction and finds great satisfaction in documenting such occurrences. Shooting live music is Ailsa’s favourite photographic endeavour. The ever changing flow of energy helps keep her fleeting attention span satisfied.
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